Prologue: Rescue By Moonlight  

Prerequisite: Prologue: To Avert a War
Series Name: Vol. 1, Prologue - Ered Luin Epic Prologue (United Path)
Leads To: Prologue: Preparations for the Assault
Includes Quest: Instance: Rescue By Moonlight
Start Zone: Ered Luin
Start Area: Low Lands
Start Location: Hunting Lodge
Start Mob: Langlas
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Cash Granted: 1s 5c
Quest Level: 12
Min Level: 8
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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    Low Lands


'We must not delay, Name. We must rescue Avorthal from the Dourhands before they are able to set sail!

'The Dourhands control the port-city of Kheledul, to the east, and the ship they plan to carry Avorthal is surely docked there. Kheledul is defended by a score of Dourhands, and it is a position of great strength. We cannot hope to attack it directly.

'If we are to have any hope of rescuing Avorthal from Kheledul, we will need the help of one who knows the city. I know a dwarf, a Longbeard named Svanr, who was harbour-master of the port before the Dourhands captured the city. You will find him to the east of here, not far from Kheledul.'


Avorthal had been moved from the Dourhand encampment where he was being held and will soon be taken aboard a ship destined northward and beyond all hope of rescue.


Objective 1
Talk to Svanr

Svanr may be found east of the hunter's lodge, not far from Kheledul.

Langlas told you that Svanr the former harbour-master of Kheledul, can help you sneak into the city and onto the ship where Avorthal is being held.

Objective 2
Talk to Svanr and rescue Avorthal

Svanr is just outside the port-city of Kheledul.

Svanr told you to speak with him when you are ready to sneak into Kheledul.

Objective 3
Talk to Langlas

The Ranger Langlas is at the hunter's lodge, west of Kheledul.

Now that Avorthal is safe, You should return to Langlas and give him the grim tidings the Elf-prince learned during his captivity.