Book 6, Chapter 9: Ancient Battlefield  

Prerequisite: Book 6, Chapter 8: Stone of Friendship
Series Name: Epic - Vol. III. Book 6: Mists of Anduin
Leads To: Book 6, Chapter 10: The Falling Shadow
Start Zone: Stangard
Start Area: Stangard
Start Mob: Horn
Flags: Epic, Solo
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Riders of Stangard
Cash Granted: 33s 60c
Exp Granted: 17743
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 75
Min Level: 71
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Locations with maps: The Great River | Stangard
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'The battlefield of Parth Celebrant may hold some clue to defeating the Khundolar. Their ancestors were routed by the timely arrival of the Eorlingas under Eorl the Young, but we have no such advantage in numbers this time. No one is coming to help us.

'We must find some strategy to help us defeat the Khundolar, and sifting through the site of that battle may teach us something we can use against them.

'I have marked this map with the location of the battle. Bring it to Cerdic at the road watch-post in Parth Celebrant, and he will guide you to places he has not already searched. I hope you will be kind to him. Cerdic has been long away from his wife and daughters, and sometimes he lets his worries master him. He is a good friend and true, even if his mind is not always on the task before him.'


Horn thinks you might find some way to help his people defeat the Khundolar by searching the site of the battle five hundred years ago where their Easterling ancestors were defeated.


Objective 1

  • Talk to Cerdic

Cerdic is at the watch-post on the road into Parth Celebrant.

Horn has given you a map of notable sites at the Battle of the Field of Celebrant to show to Cerdic.

Objective 2

  • Sift through debris by the base of the crumbled pillar
  • Sift through debris at the arrow-riddled patch of ground
  • Sift through debris beside the bridge to Ost Celebrant

Cerdic has marked three locations in Parth Celebrant on your map: the crumbled base of a pillar, an arrow-riddled patch of ground, and the river-bank by one of the bridges to Ost Celebrant. The first two sites are on the Field of Celebrant directly south of Cerdic, and the third site is to the south-east, alongside the river.

Cerdic and Horn want you to search significant locations from the Battle of the Field of Celebrant.

Objective 3

  • Bring the battlefield map and the heirloom to Cerdic

Cerdic is at the watch-post on the road as it enters Parth Celebrant from Eorlsmead.

You have found a bronze-worked heirloom at one of the sites of the battle with the Easterlings five hundred years ago, and should show it to Cerdic.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Edbrit at Aculf's Camp in the Rushgore

Edbrit is in the Rushgore at Aculf's Camp, south-east of Cerdic on the very edge of the swamp.

While you were searching the battlefield of Parth Celebrant, Cerdic received word from Edbrit in the Rushgore about strange happenings.