A Classy Snowman  

Series Name: Frostbluff
Included in Quest: Filling The Field
Start Zone: Frostbluff
Start Area: Frostbluff
Start Mob: Virgil's Classy Snowman
Start NPC Type: Other
Started By Object:Repeat Time: 1d
Flags: Repeatable, Solo
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 90c
Exp Granted: 344
Quest Level: 10
Min Level: 5
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Locations with maps: Frostbluff
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    Top Hat


This is one of Virgil's snowmen. Clearly, Virgil was trying to appeal to Mayor Goodnough with this snowman. This is truly the most dashing snowman in Frostbluff.

To even attempts to match Vigil's craftsmanship, you will need to find a top hat, a scarf, sticks, an acorn, and coal. Perhaps you can find what you need to build this snowman scatted about Frostbluff.'


Vigil Greenfield wants you to help him fill the snowman-field outside Winter-home.


Objective 1

  • Find a top hat in Winter-home
  • Find a scarf in Winter-home
  • Find an acorn among the trees of Frostbluff
  • Gather coal near the servants' oven
  • Gather sticks from nearby bushes (0/2)
  • The materials you need to replicate Virgil's snowman may be found around Frostbluff.

    In order to replicate Virgil's snowman, you will need to gather the right materials.

    Objective 2

  • Build the broken snowman at a snowpile
  • The snowman-field is outside of WInter-home. Now that you have gathered all of the supplies, use a snowpile to finish building the snowman.

    Built a classy snowman at the snowpile


    This quest is needed for the deed:
    A Cool Reception