The Will of the Iron, Part II  

Prerequisite: The Will of the Iron, Part I
Requires Tradeskill: Metalsmith
Leads To: The Will of the Iron, Part III
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start Mob: Novice Metalsmith
Flags: Crafting
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 26
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Locations with maps: North Downs | Thorin's Hall | Middle-earth
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'You have done very well, (your name), but if you are to excel at your trade, you will need to speak again with Glasi Ironhand and learn what he has to teach.

'You will find Glasi supervising the forges in Thorin's Hall, in Ered Luin.'


You have achieved great progress in the art of metalworking, but you have not yet matched your potential.


Objective 1
Talk to Glasi Ironhand

Glasi Ironhand is at the forges inside Thorin's Hall, in Ered Luin.

A Novice Metalworker suggested you return to Glasi Ironhand to further your training

Objective 2
Collect Iron Chains (0/2)
Collect Steel Braces (0/2)
Collect the Iron Band
Collect the Ancient Emblem

Glasi has asked you to fashion a Featherweight Shield for him to examine and has given you the appropriate recipe. The dwarf also included his notes on the process.

Objective 3
Craft a Featherweight Shield

Objective 4
Bring the Featherweight Shield to Glasi Ironhand


Ancient Emblem is found on the shades (Oathbreakers) that still walk the Fields of Fornost. Mobs here start at 26. The Oathbreakers are 26 to 28 and aggressive.

Also receive trait:

Craft Metalsmith Complete Proficiency Tier 2