Prologue: The Missing Guard  

Prerequisite: Prologue: At the Behest of Unnarr
Series Name: Vol. 1, Prologue - Ered Luin Epic Prologue (Dwarf Path)
Leads To: Prologue: Beyond the Cave-In
Start Zone: Thorin's Gate
Start Area: Thorin's Gate
Start Location: Frerin's Court
Start Mob: Guard-Captain Unnarr
Flags: Epic
Cash Granted: 42c
Exp Granted: 289
Quest Level: 6
Min Level: 4
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Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate
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    Guard-Captain Unnarr
    The Arming-cave


'The news I have received is most unsettling, Name. One of the armouries has been left unguarded! Vitharr has been a stalwart and dependable guard until now, but he has apparently abandoned his post! Outrageous!

'I want you to investigate the unguarded treasury and confirm that Vitharr is not there. If anything is missing, I'll have his armour! He was next in line for commendation, but after this he won't see any praise for thirty years!

'The Arming-cave is to the north-west, very near to the great statue of Thorin carved in the mountain. Go there and look for Vitharr.'


Unnarr, Captain of the Guard at Thorin's Hall, was informed that one of the armouries has been left unattended.


Objective 1
Talk to Vitharr

The unguarded Arming-cave is located near to the large statue of Thorin that looks out over the valley from the north-west of the main square.

Unnarr has asked you to learn what became of Vitharr, the guard assigned to the presently unguarded Arming-cave.

Objective 2
Talk to Guard-captain Unnarr

Unnarr, the Captain of the Guard, can be found at Frerin's Court.

You found the missing guard, Vitharr, inside the Arming-cave, practically unconscious. Vitharr asked you to return to Unnarr and report that someone had assaulted him from behind and looted the Arming-cave.


Vitharr is in the Arming-cave building at the end of the road that heads northwest from Frerin's court (starting near the stables).

The entrance can be found at 14.2S x 104.5W.