Near the Bounds of The Shire  

Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Started By Item:Flags: Solo
Quest Level: 30
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Locations with maps: Evendim | Middle-earth
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When you opened Gift for a Master you found a letter. Reading it started this quest.


Terrible things have been happening in our little border town, and I am afraid that the mayor is powerless. I am not looking to start trouble for him, but the people here are frightened, and I heard your name from a few friends in Michel Delving...I thought I would write to you.

Might you come and talk with me?

Hal Gamgee


A hobbit penned a message that reached you. In it, the hobbit requested that brave souls make their way to the town of Oatbarton, north of the Brockenborings and bordering Evendim.


talk to Hal Gamgee in Oatbarton.

Oatbarton is north of Brockenborings in the Shire. You will need to follow the path through the Greenfields to reach the town and seek out Hal Gamgee.

Hal Gamgee can be found near the centre of Oatbarton


Reward: 10 Turbine Points