Book II, Chapter 9: The Plains of Enedwaith  

Prerequisite: Book II, Chapter 8: As Near As May Be
Series Name: Volume III, Book 2: Ride of the Grey Company
Leads To: Book II, Chapter 10: Blood-marks
Start Zone: Eregion
Start Area: High Hollin
Start Location: Echad Eregion
Start Mob: Halbarad (Eregion)
Flags: Epic, Solo
Cash Granted: 11s 34c
Item Exp Granted: 5602
Quest Level: 65
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Locations with maps: Enedwaith | Eregion
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    Halbarad (Eregion)
    High Hollin


'If we are fortunate, none of the rings of Bebarahir borne by the Rangers of our company will need to serve the purpose for which the were crafted. Even so, I am glad to have them in the event they become necessary. A single moment of hesitation on the part of Aragorn's foes could make the difference.

'It is time again to ride! Let us cross south into the northern stretches of Dunland. The plains of Enedwaith will be the next stop on our journey.

'We will take our rest once we cross into the land of Fordirith, in northern Enedwaith. Dagoras wil select the location and you should speak with Lothrandir when we arrive at Echad Dagoras.'


The Grey Company rides now south out of Eregion and onto the plans of Enedwaith, the northern stretches of Dunland.


Objective 1

  • Find Echad Dagoras in Fordirith
  • Lothrandir will be waiting for you at Echad Dagoras, the next stop on the Grey Company's journey south into Fordirith, in northern Enedwaith.

    Ot is time to ride south into Enedwaith. The Grey Company will stop for rest at Echad Dagoras, in Fordirith.

    Objective 2

  • Talk to Wadu at Echad Dagoras
  • Wadu of the Uch-luth has come to Echad Dagoras in Fordirith.

    Lothrandir has asked you to speak with Wadu of the Uch-luth.