Book II, Chapter 6: Protected by the Eglain  

Prerequisite: Book II, Chapter 5 (Fellowship): Retake Weathertop
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 2: The Red Maid
Leads To: Book II, Chapter 7: Radagast the Brown
Start Zone: Lone-Lands
Start Area: The Weather Hills
Start Location: Candaith's Encampment
Start Mob: Candaith
Flags: Epic
Reputation Increased: 1200 The Eglain
Cash Granted: 4s 60c
Exp Granted: 1390
Quest Level: 25
Min Level: 20
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Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Gadaric Munce
    The Forsaken Inn
    The Weather Hills


'I managed to track Radagast south and there met friends, the Eglain, who make some ruins here in the Lone-lands their home. They are a solitary and quiet people, having shunned societal obligations for a simple life eked out here. The few that do venture towards the more civilized areas of the world are still different than most you will ever meet.

'Because of this nature, they are truly wary of anyone who wishes to traffick with them or their allies, and it seems that Radagast has enlisted their aid, not only now, but at some time in the distant past. I fear that you will need to earn the right to speak with Radagast.

'I have done what part I can. My horse will take you south and east to The Forsaken Inn. There, you should seek an audience with Gadaric Munce. He will know your name. Be safe, Name.'


Candaith's investigation into the whereabouts of Radagast the Brown led him to discover that he is under the protection of the Eglain. He has spoken well of you to one of their members, Gadaric Munce, but warned that they would not provide the location of the Lore-master in Brown without assurance that you have good intentions.


Objective 1

  • Talk to Gadaric Munce at The Forsaken Inn
  • Ride Candaith's horse or make your way on foot to The Forsaken Inn on the border of the Midgewater Marsh and the Lone-lands along the Great East Road.

    Candaith thanked you for your assistance and warned that the Egalin must be made to understand that your intentions are just before they will allow you an audience with Radagast the Brown.

    Objective 2
  • Attain Acquaintance level of status with the Eglain
  • Earn the respect of the Eglain, becoming an acquaintance to their people.

    You must earn the respect of the Eglain before they will share the whereabouts of Radagast the Brown with you.