Prologue: Burying the Dead  

Series Name: Vol. 1, Prologue - Bree-land Epic Prologue
Leads To: An Urgent Summons
Start Zone: Archet
Start Area: Archet
Start Mob: Jon Brackenbrook
Flags: Epic
Cash Granted: 90c
Exp Granted: 253
Quest Level: 5
Min Level: 4
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Locations with maps: Archet
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    Jon Brackenbrook
    Hunting Lodge
    Dirk Mudbrick (corpse)
    Nate Whisperwood (corpse)
    Wil Wheatley (corpse)


Jon Brackenbrook:

'While you were busy defending Archet, my men and others from the town fought our way down to the Blackwolds' Roost south-east of here. We had to make sure that no reinforcements came into the village.

'The battle was great, but in the end we defeated our fair share of the brigands. Unfortunately, some good men lost their lives in the struggle and yet remain unburied. It would be to our shame if their bodies were dishonoured by wild beasts.

'I would ask this one last favour of you: seek out those who remain unburied and inter them with honour. Dirk Mudbrick fell at the sheep-farm south-west of Archet, Nate Whisperwood died defending the Hunter's Lodge, and Cal Sprigley's farmhand -- Wil Wheatley -- perished in battle just to the west of Bronwe's Folly.'


While you were fighting through Archet, a band of Jon Bracknbrook's men fought to the Blackwolds' Roost and defeated a fair share of the brigands, but some of his good men perished in the battle.


Objective 1
Bury Dirk Mudbrick's body [at the sheep-farm south-west of Archet]
Bury Nate Whisperwood's body [at the Hunter's Lodge near wall]
Bury Wil Wheatley's body [just west of Bronwe's Folly, almost in the bushes]

Dirk Mudbrick's body can be found at the sheep-farm, south-west of Archet. Nate Whisperwood's body can be found near the Hunter's Lodge, east of Archet. The body of Wil Wheatley can be found just to the west of Bronwe's Folly, south of Archet.

Jon Brackenbrook has asked that you bury the remains of the fallen who perished in the Blackwold raid with honour.

Objective 2
Talk to Jon Brackenbrook

Jon Brackenbrook can be found by the ruins of The Mad Badger Inn in Archet.

You should return to Jon Brackenbrook and let him know that you have buried the fallen as he asked.

Good, it is done. Those men died bravely and deserved a proper burial. Once more, Archet is in your debt.

Now, before you leave, there is something I must tell you. A queer man came through Archet while you were away, and I believe he was looking for you!