Missing Things  

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    Lalfor's Blue Book
    Lalfor's Brown Book
    Lalfor's Bundle of Books
    Lalfor's Goblet
    Lalfor's Jewelery Box


'Excuse me, good Race, perhaps you could help me. I came here today to see Nedhrien. Today is the day that I will profess my feelings for her. But in all of my excitement -- and dare I say nervousness -- I seem to have dropped all of my poems and gifts for her.

'Could you find them for me? And please hurry, while I still have the nerve to do as my heart tells me I must. Here is a list of all the things I need.'


Lalfor has lost some of his most precious writings and belongings while watching Nedhrien dance.


Objective 1
Collect Lalfor's missing items (0/5)

Lalfor has given you a list of his missing things to remind you exactly what they are.

Lalfor would like you to find his missing things while he remains close to the Festival of Enedhin for...research purposes.

Objective 2
Return the five items to Lalfor

Lalfor is waiting for you at the festival in Duillond.

Lalfor will be pleased to have all his missing items returned to him.


The blue book is located near ;loc: 23.8s 92.9w

This Quest is also needed for the Deed: Celebrating Sunshine