iconHigh-protector's Shoulders  

High-protector's Shoulders
Slot: Shoulder
Type: Heavy Armour
Bind on Acquire
Requires Classes: Guardian
342 Armour
+21 Fate
+42 Might
+16 Vitality
+136 Maximum Power
+15 Radiance
+307.0 Wound Resist Rating
Durability: 80/80
Sturdiness: Tough

"This armour was forged for a warrior of the Grey Mountains before the Dragons came. Whoever wore this would be proud to know that a brave heart such as yourself has found it."

Usage Requirements:
Minimum Level: 60
Worth: 12s 18c
Part of High-protector's Armour (60)
2/6: +25 Vitality
4/6: Chance to resist your Challenge is reduced by 1280
6/6: Challenge The Darkness recovery time reduced by -25.0%
High-protector's Boots
High-protector's Breastplate
High-protector's Gloves
High-protector's Helm
High-protector's Leggings
High-protector's Shoulders

Sold by Vendors for 48s 72c:Obtained from Bartering:

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