Cities of Eastern Rohan  

Category: Eastern Rohan
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Settler!
Trait Granted: Charity +1
Item Granted:
Plain Heritage Rune of LegendPlain Heritage Rune of Legend
Turbine Points Granted: 5
Related Locations:Notes:

Cities of Eastern Rohan
Progress: 0 of 10
Rohan is home to many great cities and settlements.

  • Discover Langhold
  • Discover Harwick
  • Discover Floodwend
  • Discover Cliving
  • Discover Elthengels
  • Discover Faldham
  • Discover Eaworth
  • Discover Thornhope
  • Discover Snowbourn
  • Discover Garsfeld

Other Rewards:
3 Silver Tokens of the Riddermark

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