Quests of Great River  

Category: The Great River
Type: Rhovanion
Required Deed: Quests of Brown Lands
Title Granted: Hero of the Anduin
Trait Granted: Justice +1
Item Granted:
Decorated Heritage Rune of LegendDecorated Heritage Rune of Legend
Turbine Points Granted: 10
Related Locations:Notes:

Quests of Great River
Progress: 1 of 7
There is much to be done to help the people of Great River while war arises around them.

  • Finish Quests in Thinglad deed
  • Finish Quests in Eorlsmead deed
  • Finish Quests in the Wailing Hills Deed
  • Finish Quests in Parth Celebrant Deed
  • Finish Quests in Rushgore deed
  • Finish Quests in the Brown Lands deed
  • Finish Quests in the Limlight Gorge

To complete this deed, you must complete all of these deeds:
Quests of Brown Lands
Quests of Eorlsmead
Quests of Limlight Gorge
Quests of Parth Celebrant
Quests of the Rushgore
Quests of the Wailing Hills
Quests of Thinglad

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