Category: Moria
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Reflector
Turbine Points Granted: 5

Progress: 0 of 9
Many mirrors can be found throughout the dark halls of Moria.

  • Complete 'Lighting the Way'
  • Complete 'Reflections of Rails'
  • Complete 'Reflections of Riders'
  • Complete 'Mirror in the Mire'
  • Complete 'A Light in the Garden'
  • Complete 'Reflector of the Redhorn'
  • Complete 'Reflection of Flame'
  • Complete 'Reflecting on the Past'
  • Complete 'A Glimmer of Hope'

Quests to do, to complete this deed:
A Glimmer of Hope
A Light in the Garden
Lighting the Way
Mirror in the Mire
Reflecting on the Past
Reflection of Flame
Reflections of Rails
Reflections of Riders
Reflections of Stone Trees
Reflector of the Redhorn

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