Stangard Explorer  

Category: The Great River
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: the Trespasser
Turbine Points Granted: 5
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Stangard Explorer
Progress: 0 of 20
TBD - Interiors of Stangard - TBD

  • Discover the Mead Hall
  • Discover the Jail
  • Discover the Skirmish Hall
  • Discover the Auction Hall
  • Discover the Stangard Vault
  • Discover the Stangard Tavern
  • Discover Stanric's House
  • Discover the Stangard Kennel
  • Discover the Stangard Stable
  • Discover Wada's House
  • Discover the Legendary Item Store
  • Discover the Supplier's Hose
  • Discover the Provisioner's House
  • Discover Byrnstan's House
  • Discover Dunstan's House
  • Discover Uthrad's House
  • Discover Tatwine's House
  • Discover the Abandoned House
  • Discover Adalbert's HOuse
  • Discover Sabert's House

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