Cartographile -- Moria  

Category: Moria
Type: Reputation
Title Granted: Moria Cartographile
Item Granted:
Map of MoriaMap of Moria
Turbine Points Granted: 10
Required Items:Notes:

Cartographile -- Moria
Progress: 0 of 11
A fine collection of maps is a feather in the cap of any true adventurer. The maps of Moria, once collected, will allow you to be known to all as such an adventurer.

  • Obtain a map of the Grand Stair
  • Obtain the map of the Walls of Moria
  • Obtain the map of the Silvertine Lodes
  • Obtain the map of Durin's Way
  • Obtain the map of The Water-works
  • Obtain the map of Zelem-melek
  • Obtain a map of Nud-melek
  • Obtain a map of the Foundations of Stone
  • Obtain a map of the Redhorn Lodes
  • Obtain a map of Zirakzigil
  • Obtain a map of the Flaming Deeps

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