Deed: The Vanished Rider (0 of 6)  

Category: Worldwide
Type: Epic
Title Granted: Anduin Wanderer
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Deed: The Vanished Rider
Progress: 0 of 6

The Nazgul that rode upon the fell beast, which lies now dead in the Brown Lands, is missing somewhere along the Great River. Perhaps the residents of those lands have seen some sign of its passage.

  • Complete 'An Inspiring Presence' in the Brown Lands
  • Complete 'A Bubbling in the Blood' in the Rushgore
  • Complete 'An Uneasy Feeling' in Parth Celebrant
  • Complete 'The Black Breath' in Eorlsmead
  • Complete 'A Shape on the Shore' in Thinglad
  • Complete 'The Sniffling Snuffler' in the Wailing Hills

Quests required to complete this deed:
An Inspiring Presence
A Bubbling in the Blood
An Uneasy Feeling
The Black Breath
A Shape on the Shore
The Sniffling Snuffler

This deed is required to complete the quest:
Book 6, Chapter 11: The Vanished Rider

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