Limlight Gorge Explorer  

Category: The Great River
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Explorer of the Limlight Gorge
Trait Granted: Honesty +1
Item Granted:
Plain Heritage Rune of LegendPlain Heritage Rune of Legend
Turbine Points Granted: 5
Related Locations:Notes:

Limlight Gorge Explorer
Progress: 0 of 7
The Limlight Gorge has always been a wild and spareselt inhabited area, but since a band of trolls came down from the Misty Mountains, what few inhabitants there were have fled its rocky slopes. Massive creatures now inhabit the Gorge, making travel through the area perilous, and it is said that even the trees themselves sometimes move about, perhaps thanks to some strange magic from the neighboring forest of Fangorn....

  • Discover the Limlight Gatehose
  • Discover Limlight Falls
  • Discover the Ent-grove
  • Discover Fallen Watchtower
  • Discover the Pothole
  • Discover the Prospector's Shack
  • Discover the Old Sawmill

Leads to Deed: Explorer of the Great River

The Ent-grove is actually the Limlight Glade.


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