Cave-claw Wrangler  

Category: Ered Luin
Type: Class/Race/Epic
Title Granted: Cave-claw Wrangler
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Cave-claw Wrangler
Progress: 0 of 6
Cave-claws have long assisted miners in discovering the greatest treasures.

This deed can only be advanced with Domesticated Cave-claws.

  • Hug your Harnessed Cave-claw
  • Hug your Tan-back Cave-claw
  • Hug your Green-beak Green-back Cave-claw
  • Hug your Pink-back Cave-claw
  • Hug your Black-beak Cave-claw
  • Hug your Green-back Cave-claw

This deed is activated after you have done the quest:
Introduction: Treasure Hunt

Everytime you use the Domesticated Cave-claw you summon a random version of the ones listed above, once it is summoned, target it an type /hug.

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