Slayer of Dunland  

Category: Dunland
Type: Slayer
Title Granted: Foe-bane of Dunland
Trait Granted: Compassion +1
Reputation Increased: 900 Men of Dunland
Item Granted:
Decorated Heritage Rune of LegendDecorated Heritage Rune of Legend
Turbine Points Granted: 10
Related Locations:Notes:

Slayer of Dunland
Progress: 1 of 9
There are many villainous monsters roaming Dunland, and the Free Peoples must do their part to slay them.

  • Slay many beasts in Dunland
  • Slay many crebain in Dunland
  • Slay many hostile Dunlendings in Dunland
  • Slay many goblins in Dunland
  • Slay many half-orcs in Dunland
  • Slay many Orcs in Dunland
  • Slay many the Dead in Dunland
  • Slay many Wargs in Dunland
  • Slay many Uruk-hai in Dunland

  • You must complete all these deeds, in order to complete this deed"
    Half-orc Slayer
    Slayer of the Dead
    Uruk-hai Slayer

    This deed is required for the deed:
    Deeds of Dunland

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