Celebrating Sunshine  

Category: Race & Social
Type: Other
Title Granted: Sunshine
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Celebrating Sunshine
Progress: 0 of 8
Your fervent participation in the Summer Festival does you credit!

Go fishing in Bree-land
Go fishing in Celondim
Go fishing in Bywater
Go fishing in Thorin's Hall
Find the Missing Things in Duillond
Complete the Forgotten Errands in Thorin's Hall
Recover from Too Much Festival in the Shire
Gather Fireworks for the Festival

The Quest: Fireworks for the Festival works for the Gather Fireworks for the Festival part of this deed.

To do the Fishing Parts of this deed, you must start with the quest: Stocking the Pond
After this quest, you open the other four fishing quests, and completing each of them, updates this deed, the fishing quests are:
The Fishing Hole
The Pond
A River Runs Through It
Sitting on the Dock

This deed is only active during the Summer Festival.

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