Flet-runner Challenges  

Category: Lothlorien
Type: Reputation
Title Granted: Flet-runner
Turbine Points Granted: 5
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Flet-runner Challenges
Progress: 0 of 5
A number of flet-runners throughout Caras Galadhin have challenged you to join their ranks by demonstrating your awareness of the city's layout and the quickness of your feet.

Complete 'At Home Among the Trees'
Complete 'Flet-runner Challenge: Leginiel'
Complete 'Flet-runner Challenge: Lagirdal'
Complete 'Flet-runner Challenge: Bregradel'
Complete 'Flet-runner Challenge: Lintwen'

Complete these quest to complete this deed:
At Home Among the Trees
Flet-runner Challenge: Lagordal
Flet-runner Challenge: Bregradel
Flet-runner Challenge: Leginiel
Flet-runner Challenges: Lintwen

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