The Lost Fellowship  

Category: Forochel
Type: Reputation
Title Granted: Hero of the Lost
Exp Granted: 6570
Related Locations:Notes:
Aid the Champion, Deornyd
Aid the Guardian, Nef
Aid the Burglar, Warstang
Aid the Captain, Reginald Ward
Aid the Hunter, Thurmaer
Aid the Lore-master, Cenlieg
Aid the Minstrel, Burgthryth

After Completing these quests, you will finish this deed:
A Sword Shivered - Deornyd
Time for a New Shield - Nef
Who Burgles the Burglar? - Warstang
Falling Standards - Reginald Ward
On the Road to Misfortune - Thurmaer
Hungry Bear-friend - Cenlieg
All Strung Out - Burgthryth