The Seven Swords  

Category: Angmar
Type: Other
Title Granted: Sage of Rhudaur
Related Locations:Required Items:Notes:
Recover the Sword of Abb from Owen
Recover the Sword of Kolmak from Ruraikh
Recover the Sword of Anraig from Tobaid
Recover the Sword of Guinokh from Brekhin
Recover the Sword of Innis from Dugald
Recover the Sword of Kevoka from Frangan
Recover the Sword of Manas from Huisdan

You must kill and loot a NAMED hillmen in East Malenhad of Angmar, that has these swords, they always drop & clicking on these swords, starts these quests.

In order to complete this deed, you must do these quests:
The Secret of the Swords
The Sword of Abb
The Sword of Anraig
The Sword of Guinokh
The Sword of Innis
The Sword of Kevoka
The Sword of Kolmak
The Sword of Manas

This deed and title do not appear in your deeds until all 7 quests have been completed.

Special Thanx to agonizer for the following info:
First, talk to Banfuir (3.9S, 26.5W) in Gabilshathur (town far SouthEast of Angmar), he will tell you to talk to Nethraw but you dont have to yet.

Objective: kill the following 7 named hillmen around Gorothlad and East Malenhad (North of Gabilshathur town), each one will always drop a sword that you have to right-click on directly in the loot window. Open your inventory to right-click on each sword to start each quest, you can do this any time before talking to Nethraw.

    Listed in travel-order taking you directly to Nathraw:
  • Tobaid (2.3n 27.7w) sword of Anraig
  • Brekhin (3.7n 27.4w) sword of Guinokh
  • Ruraikh (2.2n 25.6w) sword of Kolmak
  • Owen (1.8n 24.6w) sword of Abb
  • Frangan (0.9s 24.9w) sword of Kevoka
  • Dugald (0.6s 26.2w) sword of Innis
  • Huisdan (0.4s 24.5w) sword of Manas

Objective: talk to Nethraw (1.2s, 22.9w) and click on each of the quests for turn-in, this should earn you way over 30k xp when your done. Your new title is earned when all 7 quests have been completed. Talk to Nethraw again for the next part which is an instance (need fellowship).