Limar (Iron Garrison Guards), Trader  

Race: Dwarf
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: The Great Delving
Found in Areas: Dolven-view
Location: 8.6S, 112.2W
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Locations with maps: The Great Delving
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NameTypeMin LevelCost
A Guide to the Quiet Knife Book lvl 58
A Keen Blade Book lvl 58
Guard's Buckler Shield lvl 53
Guard's Charm Pocket lvl 55
Guard's Gold Ring Finger lvl 53
Guard's Heavy Shield Heavy Shield lvl 53
Guard's Medium Shield Warden Shield lvl 53
Guard's Silver Ring Finger lvl 53
Guard's Trinket Pocket lvl 55
Iron Guard's Boots Heavy Armour lvl 51
Iron Guard's Feet Medium Armour lvl 51
Iron Guard's Shoes Light Armour lvl 51
On the Patterns of Wind and Rain Book lvl 58
The Boiling Rage Book lvl 58
The Book of Nature Book
The Jolly Hunter Book lvl 58
The Master of the Charge Book lvl 58
The Path Less Trod Book lvl 58
The Verses of the North Book lvl 58