Northpaw (Highland-cat)  

Race: Beast
Difficulty: Signature
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 49
Max Morale: 4,196
Max Power: 623
Found in Zones: Ered Luin
Found in Areas: Sarnur Great Hall
Location: Roaming
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Some have reported that he has a 6 hour cooldown. others disagree. Neither is confirmed.

Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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NameTypeMin Level
Albino Skin Trophy
Beryl Shard Component
Crest of the Blue Mountains Pocket lvl 43
Crystal Shard Pocket lvl 44
Dourhand Crest Reputation
Exceptional Hide Resource
First Age Relic Reputation
Monstrous Paw Trophy
Razor Sharp Tooth Trophy
Scintillating Gem Pocket lvl 46
Uncut Diamond Pocket lvl 45